Joanna Weinberg

In a perfectly cooked world, our kitchens would be filled to the brim with seasonal vegetables, fragrant spices and growing herbs. Without a second glance, we'd be able to conjure up an original feast to sit down to at the family table every night.

But this is Real Life. And there's nothing so familiar as the dilemma over what to cook today (or tomorrow, or at the weekend, for that matter). So here are some ideas for all sorts of eating, from the the simplest of suppers that can be thrown together after a tiring day, to food that you might gather friends for, to spend an evening over many bottles of wine and lots of chat. There's food that appeals to kids, and for when you need to eat your way to comfort. Oh, and there are plenty of sweet things, too.

What unites these recipes is that they are about food that fits in with life. Because cooking should be - as much as possible - one of the simplest of daily pleasures.  

I hope they work as well for you as they do for me. Please let me know.

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